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July 10, 2019
August 24, 2019

''Between the pages'' received People's Choice Award.

'Gathering' is showing at the Mississauga Central Library. The theme is celebrating community spaces human-made or in nature.

My personal interpretation of this painting:

'Between the pages' was painted when I was recovering from a minor stroke. The image is from a photograph I took of my bookshelf. The titles of few of the books have been changed to record the journey of my life. To me life is a 'Gathering' of events which makes each one of us so colourful and unique.

Bio for 'Between the pages'

It can be said that we begin our Life’s journey with a blank canvas. What we choose to paint on that canvas is bound only by means,opportunity, imagination or sheer will power and determination. An A-Z Encyclopedia of subjects and interests lie in wait – we just need to reach out and open the pages of the chapters that fuel our passions.

The gathering of books on the top shelf are what I have picked from the vast array of options that Life has offered. Yes, my hands may have lingered along the spine of many a book, but these are the ones that have most stimulated my curiosity, deepened my understanding, fed my spirit and calmed my soul.  I know that I will add on to this gathering of books as I continue on my journey of learning.  What books have you gathered in your journey through Life?